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Thanks to our sponsors

With the support of companies and institutions that are seen below, our Foundation provides free care every day to people with special needs and children and adolescents with low incomes, some who are from lives on the streets and from lives of neglect and abuse.

Our various programs are attended by a monthly average of seven hundred children and their families.

The care we provide is as follows:

Services in mentoring, physical education, recreation and support in psychomotor stimulation opportunities for children with multiple disabilities, job placement programs, internships and various training courses tailored to our beneficiaries and their families.

The purpose of our programs is to ensure that children and adolescents of low income and special needs in our country lose their social invisibility. Our goal is that the process positively changes destructive and self defeating habits of conduct, so as to instill social skills that help them integrate into the community. They are welcomed into a community that gives them care and respect and helps them to realize that they deserve to be cared for, that they deserve to be treated equally by all its members.

Importantly, we know that many children and teens we serve have been abandoned and some of them have been abused in every horrible way a child can be abused.

It is our mission to help them see their own power and resiliency and to raise their capacity to see their own future, with the main objective to become happy individuals capable of caring, respecting and loving their neighbor. By working together with our Sponsors, we are able to provide the environmental conditions needed and to have the funds necessary for the development of our programs. In this way we are able to awaken the hidden potential of every individual, in pursuit of values such as justice, hard work, loyalty, freedom, solidarity, respect, honesty, determination and participation.

On behalf of the children and adolescents of our country, we want to especially thank the companies that make our work possible. With your support, you are helping to create a Uruguay built upon equality and unity, a country that provides better opportunities for those most vulnerable.

Thank you!

How to Support Our Foundation’s Social Inclusion Programs.

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Estas empresas hacen posible el funcionamiento de nuestros Programas de Inclusión Social, con los cuales atendemos a un promedio mensual de 700 niños/as y adolescentes de bajos recursos:


La Muralla
Pedro Berro 1257 Tel (598) 2 708 03 42 / 099 23 39 89
Montevideo, Uruguay