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Social integration program for Down Syndrome Children.

This program is one of the nonprofit services that La Muralla brings to our society in Uruguay; it has been operating since November 2000. Our program is geared toward Down Syndrome youth with no financial access to any physical education.

This is the only non government program that works with people with special needs. Our program also includes Psychotic, Autistic and physically and psychologically challenged children. The objective of our program is to offer a special and safe place where they can express themselves, interact with other climbers and where they can be noticed and included and appreciated by everyone within all the climbing programs.

This special group has and will always fully participate in all of La Muralla exhibitions and varied activities. Another objective of this program is to offer integral physical education, helping them to improve their health and their overall quality of life.

Our program is possible because of the assistance from all the climbers and coaches within La Muralla. The physical space and equipment is the same and shared by all. We feel that the best way to portray the beneficial impacts on the lives of these special children is by way of a statement by a professional, licensed psychologist in charge of the Down Syndrome Association of Uruguay:

By Adriana Freire (Licensed Psychologist, Down Syndrome Association of Uruguay).

“I would like to transmit to the general public information about the benefits that any sport activities, and especially climbing, offer to our sons and daughters with Down Syndrome. A person with Down Syndrome, from birth, exhibits extremely low muscle tone (hypotonia), hyperlaxive ligaments and difficulties with psychomotor coordination. It can be thus in activities where they must use major coordinated movements (such as jumping, running, walking, climbing, etc.) as well as minor, more intricate, movements (such as manipulation, using the hands and fingers, passing objects from hand to hand, buttoning clothes, tying knots, using scissors, writing, etc.). These children must be assisted with special techniques during early and later childhood to acquire these simple skills.

All of this training must be complemented with the practice of some sport that helps develop and improve their physical wellbeing. We have seen many good results for the children of our Association because of the experience that is offered by La Muralla Director and Coach, Pablo Turielle, at his Climbing Center at the Montevideo YMCA.

The sport of climbing proves their physical possibilities and improves their general condition. It helps them to obtain tone, strength and muscle endurance. It also generates beneficial challenges in the coordinative aspects and in their major and minor motor skills. At the same time this program helps them to lose their fears, to improve their confidence and to believe in themselves and their possibilities. It helps them to be responsible for their own actions and their consequences, therefore improving their self esteem.

We give special importance to the belief that our children have no handicaps. The theme of integration is truly beneficial not only for our sons and daughters but also with all those who interact with them. They become more accepting of differences, more tolerant and more appreciative of all the different capacities that exist in our society.

"The exhibitions that La Muralla puts on where our children participate are also a good opportunity to increase the sensitivity and understanding of the general public.”






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