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La Muralla’s “Mobile Wall Program”

In order to promote the incredible benefits of the Sport of Rock Climbing and to involve children and teenagers from families and communities unable to reach our Climbing Center, La Muralla makes weekly visits to many of the centers and institutions that are dedicated to the care of children and adolescents in need.

The goal is to make efforts of outreach to these centers and institutions and to organize exhibition days where the children are able to participate in Sport Climbing and High Altitude Rescue at their home facilities.

Both children and their parents participate actively in all activities. In this way families and institutions receive hands-on knowledge and experience of the work we do with all the children in our programs.

They are then inspired to work toward solutions that enable their children to actually participate fully in the many programs at the Center and, therefore, gain all the benefits offered.

These activities are conducted at no cost to the centers and institutions. They are only made possible by the completely voluntary work and time of the more experienced climbers that make up our La Muralla team and coordination with INAU. All of the expenses incurred are paid for by La Muralla.

For coordination of activities or more information, contact:
Eileen Toyos
Phone: 099 393 662 / 2400 1116 int. 252.
The Wall
Colonia 1870 Tel (598) 2708 March 1942 / 099 23 39 89
Montevideo, Uruguay.

Estas empresas hacen posible el funcionamiento de nuestros Programas de Inclusión Social, con los cuales atendemos a un promedio mensual de 700 niños/as y adolescentes de bajos recursos:


La Muralla
Pedro Berro 1257 Tel (598) 2 708 03 42 / 099 23 39 89
Montevideo, Uruguay