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Our mission is to create awareness of and to ensure the generation of care, education and protection of people with disabilities and special needs and of children and adolescents at risk from poverty, homelessness, abuse, and abandonment in Uruguay and the world.

Our main goal is for these children to lose their social invisibility by positively and gently changing certain habits of conduct, so as to acquire social skills that will help in the process of integration into society, helping them to generate a sense of belonging and respect for institutions and the community where they live.

This leads them to consider others and their individual rights, to care for the common good and to work as an active member in society. It helps them to see that we all have something unique to contribute.

Where we saw a child who had once been assaulted by his community and who had become a potential threat, unable to care for the common good, now we can ensure a child who is proud to be part of his or her community, to be part of its care and improvement. He becomes one of the community’s best promoters. The child sees his future in his own hands, a future with hope and happiness and prosperity.

As a main tool in our social programs, we use the sport of rock climbing. It is important to note that this activity reveals the hidden potential of every individual, in pursuit of values such as hard work, freedom, solidarity, loyalty, respect, honesty, determination and social participation.

Through our programs, we strive to create the environmental conditions for our children and adolescents to become active citizens in a vibrant community, a life project that contemplates a better future for all members, regardless of their physical condition, race, creed, nationality or social class.

We firmly believe that a Uruguay that is unfair to one, is unfair to all.

A World that is unfair to one, is unfair to all…


Estas empresas hacen posible el funcionamiento de nuestros Programas de Inclusión Social, con los cuales atendemos a un promedio mensual de 700 niños/as y adolescentes de bajos recursos:


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