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How to Support Our Foundation’s Social Inclusion Programs

Contributing to our social programs and projects.

This space is designed to provide some ideas on how individual citizens, businesses and institutions can join our project.

By way of thanks for support and help in fulfilling our mission, we will present individual company and institutional logos on our two websites, on the premises of our new "Center for Social Inclusion" and on printed informational brochures.

It is in the interest of the La Muralla Foundation that our sponsors are recognized by both the national and international community. They will be recognized and honored as companies or institutions that are engaged in activities with the intention of improving the world around them and that they also have an active attitude toward combating injustice and creating opportunities that provide the support and care to the most unprotected and vulnerable of our country.

Ways to help:

1. Donations of money from companies

Source: Law 18.083 of December 27, 2006, article 3. (D.Of.: 18.01.007)

CHAPTER XIII SPECIAL DONATIONS Article 78.- Special Grants. .- Donations benefit corporate taxpayers Tax Income of Economic Activities and Property Tax to make the entities listed in Article 79 (among these institutions is INAU, our Foundation has an agreement with the INAU , which enables authorization of these grants), enjoy the following benefits:

2. Donations of money by individuals.

3. Material Donations.

4. Donaciones de servicios o trabajo

Donations of services or work.
Another way you can help is through labor or services provided by companies or individuals.

For example:

  1. National or International Freight to transport our building materials or equipment.

  2. Transportation of children to our various activities such as camps, conferences or integration events and from their homes to our facilities.

  3. Counseling services, such as: legal, social work, engineering or architectural. Giving courses or classes at our facility or providing scholarships for kids to attend other institutions.

  4. Volunteer Work. Those who are interested in joining this project can work directly or indirectly with children and adolescents of different programs. The Foundation will provide free training in the appropriate sporting and educational and mentoring fields. Also, if you prefer, work can be directed at upkeep and repairs in the maintenance of our facilities.


If you want to approach the Foundation with any questions or to make a donation or offer your services, you may contact us at: Tel 2708 0342. 233 989 099 Cel. E-mail:
Again, thank you very much for your interest in our Vertical World!
The La Muralla Foundation Taskforce

Estas empresas hacen posible el funcionamiento de nuestros Programas de Inclusión Social, con los cuales atendemos a un promedio mensual de 700 niños/as y adolescentes de bajos recursos:


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